DESCRIPTION: Monarch Brands' premium SmartChoice microfiber dusting mitts make dusting fast and easy. With a comfortable ribbed elastic wristband, a roomy hand pocket, and a thumb pocket, you can avoid slipping gloves and benefit from a better grip. Clean difficult-to-reach places with ease and control. SmartChoice Microfiber is more effective than cotton because it is constructed from "splintered" yarn that curls into microscopic "hooks." Besides having miniature gripping hooks, microfiber has a positive electrical charge that attracts dust and dirt, which carries a negative charge. Microfiber attracts dirt like a magnet, and the innovative yarn hooks and holds it inside the cloth. Microfiber dusting mitts make quick work of dusting any surface with ease. This large pack of 12 dusting mitts is also available in a case of 180 mitts. 

  • MATERIAL: Microfiber (80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide) Innovative "hooked" yarn construction carries a positive charge to attract negatively charged dust.
  • QUALITY: Monarch Brands' soft microfiber dusting glove is perfect for quickly eliminating dust and grime from your home with just a quick wipe. Dusting mitts are durable and can be laundered up to 500 times.
  • SAVINGS: Buying a pack of 12 makes our dust gloves almost 75% cheaper (per glove) than others. A pack of 12 allows more time between laundry loads. Keep a pair of mitts in each room or office for quick spot dusting.
  • EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: Dust mitts with roomy hand pockets, thumbs, and elastic wrist cuffs stay on with a good fit. A high-quality elastic band fits most hands with a suitable fit. 
  • VERSATILE: Use the Arkwright dust mitts dry for dusting and wet to wipe away dirt and waste from all washable surfaces using only water. Microfiber dusting mitts can also be used for cleaning, dusting, buffing, polishing, or drying any surface.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash dusting mitts with mild liquid detergent. Tumble dry on low or no heat. Avoid fabric softener for best performance.
  • BUY A BULK CASE OF DUSTING MITTS: Buy in bulk and save! A bulk case of 180 microfiber dusting mitts and save per unit. Perfect for large facilities or property managers. Leave some in each property for cleaning between rentals. 
    Case of 180 Dusting Mitts - Blue - Microfiber - One Size Fits All - Reusable

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