• BULK CASES: The Sloppy Chef® brand kitchen towels are available in a case of 144 towels. Each case consists of 48 inner packs of 3 towels. Inner packs are made up of three towels in one of multiple solid colors, or color stripes and patterns on white.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Sloppy Chef's kitchen towels measure 15 x 26 inches. They are large in size, making them perfect for utility towels, cleaning cloths, hand towels, and traditional kitchen towels.
  • MODERN CULINARY STYLE: Designed to emulate proper chef’s kitchen towels with a pop of color, we chose bold solids and vibrant stripes and patterns on a crisp white field. Add some modern culinary flair to any home kitchen, rental, or commercial kitchen. 
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Add a pop of color to any home, hotel, bar, or restaurant. Perfect for extended-stay suites, bed and breakfasts, and vacation home rentals. Use as tea towels, traditional kitchen towels or a trendy hand towel in any bath or powder room. With a rainbow of colors a case color-coded cleaning is an option. Use the solid color towels for wiping dirty hands, counters, and sopping up messes and use the white striped towels for less serious messes like drying glasses, dishes, and cutlery.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Machine-washable easy care cotton towels can be used wet to wipe or can be used for drying tasks. Thanks to a high absorbency level these utility towels are perfect for drying wet dishes and spills. Wash and reuse hundreds of times and enjoy continued performance. This is a perfect textile for use as a kitchen towel, bar mop, or all-purpose utility towel.

The Sloppy Chef® kitchen towel bulk case is comprised of 48 inner 3-packs. This 100% cotton kitchen towel assortment is a perennial favorite and often sold out. Each pack is one of a number of brightly colored solids, or patterns on white. Towels are 15x26 inches, appropriately sized for a number of tasks including, drying dishes, glasses and cutlery, or mopping up spills on messy surfaces. A perfect utility towel with an attractive price-point. This unique assortment is packed with style and value. All the kitchen towels can be used as your tea towels, hand towels, cleaning cloths, dish towels, decorative towels, etc. Our kitchen towels can be used at home, restaurants, bars, hotels, Airbnbs, VRBOs, rental properties, etc. 

The Sloppy Chef® Kitchen Towel Assortment, Solid Colors, Stripes & Patterns, Cotton, 15x26 in., Buy a Bulk Case of 144 kitchen towels.

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