• SOFT RING SPUN COTTON: Arkwright bleach-safe salon towels are made from soft ring-spun 100% cotton, so they are not only functional but also absorbent and soft. A softer alternative to cheap poly-blend towels. And these bleach-resistant towels will look better longer!
  • MULTI-FUNCTION TOWEL: With seven colors available, these towels will match any decor — salon, home, hotel, barbershop, or spa. Cotton bleach-safe salon towels are a top choice for salons because they do not fade or stain when in contact with bleach or other salon chemicals. Bleach-safe towels are perfect for use in salons, but also other high-volume beauty shops like country clubs, retirement communities, cosmetology schools, at hair and beauty conventions, competitions or hair shows, and even pet grooming salons. 
  • 7 COLORS TO MATCH ANY DECOR: Seven classic colors make this towel a top choice for salons. Colors include black, brown, burgundy, charcoal, eggplant, hunter green, and navy — a towel color to match or complement any salon décor. These towels will hold the color even when bleach is poured directly on them! These tough towels hold up to repeated washings without wear. Save even more money and buy in bulk. Available in cases of 144. Stop throwing out bleach-stained towels!
  • OVERSIZED AT 16x27 INCHES: This oversized professional 16x28” towel is super-absorbent and is a perfectly sized post-wash hair wrap towel with maximum coverage. Doubles as a large hand towel or facial towel at the spa or after a shave at the barbershop.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Our bleach-resistant towels are designed to minimize the impact of bleach and other salon chemicals. Machine wash with like colors. Tumble dry low, and do not iron. Our bleach-safe 100% cotton towels can be laundered repeatedly and hold their colors. Won’t stain even when bleach is poured right on them! Stop throwing out bleach-stained towels!

100% Ring-Spun Cotton Salon Towels: Bleach Safe, 7 Colors, Oversized 16x28in. Bulk Case of 144. 

Stop throwing out bleach-stained towels! Our oversized bleach-resistant towels are a top choice for professional salon buyers. Designed to minimize damage from bleach and salon chemicals, our salon towels are 100% Cotton. Soft ring spun 100% cotton towels are available in seven colors making this towel a versatile salon towel, complementing any decor perfectly. Available in seven colors so you can buy a case of 144 towels for a larger salon chain, country club, retirement home, or cosmetology school.

Bleach Safe Salon Towels (Bulk Case of 144), Cotton, 16x28 in., Seven Colors

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