• PREMIUM QUALITY: Top quality bar mop utility towels from Arkwright and The Sloppy Chef brand. Ribbed 100% cotton and sized at a generous 16x19” to provide more towel and more absorbency. 
  • PROFESSIONAL STYLE: These bright white towels are functional and stylish with two thin color striped bars setting them apart from traditional striped bar mops. Implement color-coded cleaning with separate colors for each area or simply choose which color you love best for your decor. White with choice of stripe colors: tan, steel grey, royal blue, red, black, or pink.
  • GENEROUSLY SIZED: Our large sized are ribbed 100% cotton and sized at 16x19” for greater performance and absorbency — ample surface area for even your messiest clean up tasks. 
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Machine-washable easy care cotton towels can be used wet or with your favorite cleaning solutions. Wash and reuse hundreds of times and enjoy continued performance. A perfect kitchen towel, bar mop, or all-purpose utility towel.
  • COLOR CODED: Choose from six color combinations: White with your choice of stripe colors: tan, steel grey, royal blue, red, black, or pink.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash cotton towels together on warm wash cycle, cold rinse, no bleach. Dry on low heat setting or air dry for best results and to increase the longevity of the fabric.

Arkwright's ribbed cotton bar mop style towels make great kitchen towels, cleaning and utility towels. Made from 100% cotton these towels are absorbent, quick-drying, and soft. Generously sized at 16x19” makes them perfect for cleaning surfaces like tables, bar tops, appliances, and countertops, as well as cutlery, dish ware, glasses, etc. Professional culinary style — white cotton with your choice of six stripe colors. This is a stylish premium kitchen towel from The Sloppy Chef brand. 

Bulk Case of 216 Ribbed Cotton Bar Mop Kitchen Towels, 16x19 in., White with Choice of Six Stripe Colors

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