• Ultimate cleaning: This mop kit will leave your home sparkling clean, you can use a clean wet mop at all times with greatly improved results; This kit gives you all that you need to clean floors, windows, ceilings, furniture, and cars.
  • Versatile & inexpensive: Arkwright's kit has all functions like floor cleaning, floor scrubbing, furniture cleaning, and dusting in one set, making it inexpensive than any comparable mop kit Easy to use: with the 71” extendable handle, you can easily reach the highest corners and get under furniture and this will help you reach in the tightest spots in the house and garage.
  • Washing directions: wash The most soiled microfiber in separate masses, tumble dry only on low, as heat can damage microfiber; with machine washable pads These are much more economical than disposable products.
  • Set includes with Bonus: This mop kit includes reusable pads with one dust mop and three wet mops; along with Bonus of free dusting wand, chenille covers and microfiber cleaning cloths
Cleaning Mop Kit w/ Extendable Pole

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