How to Choose the Best Towels and Care for Them

How to Choose the Best Towels and Care for Them

When curating a selection of vacation rental supplies for the summer season, one must respect the pivotal role of the bath towel. This textile is often the cornerstone of guest satisfaction, able to significantly influence their overall experience.   

Elevating the Bath Experience with Quality Towels    

Towel quality relates to cotton grade, with higher grades yielding better towels. Cotton or cotton blends are preferred for their softness and absorbency. Opt for pure cotton wholesale towels weighing around 600GSM for a hotel-like experience, providing a luxurious feel without being impractical. Look for towels with a substantial feel, large thread loops, and high-quality cotton. Consider Host & Home's 

Cleaning Your Towels

Separate new towels from other items to prevent lint transfer, especially if mixed with fabrics like microfiber. Expect some lint initially with 100% cotton towels and wash them before use to remove manufacturer treatments. Wash new towels alone for the first few cycles to be safe. Avoid overcrowding the dryer to prevent towels from clumping and tangling, leaving them wet and stiff. Use dryer balls to reduce static and break up clumps. Consider untangling towels midway through the cycle.

Fabric softeners can coat towels with oils and petroleum-based ingredients, hindering towel absorbency by leaving a filmy residue. This can also reduce its lifespan, necessitating more frequent washing. To prevent fabric softener buildup, use it every other wash, or add essential oils to wool dryer balls for a fresh laundry scent. Lavender and eucalyptus are recommended for a spa-like experience. Instead of fabric softener and chlorine bleach, which can damage towel fibers, opt for more gentle alternatives like OxyClean®.

Use distilled white vinegar, which softens towels, eliminates bacteria, sets colors, and brightens whites. Running a cleaning cycle with vinegar once a month helps maintain machine cleanliness.

Baking soda is a kitchen remedy for stiff towels and sour odors caused by dampness. Running a wash cycle with half a cup of baking soda, alone or with detergent, softens towels and removes odors. It's important not to mix vinegar and baking soda in the machine to avoid a chemical reaction that could cause overflow.

Using excessive laundry detergent can lead to crunchy towels. To remedy this situation, use about half as much detergent as recommended on the bottle and run the rinse cycle a second time so all detergent washes away thoroughly.

While high temperatures may seem ideal for germ removal, they can compromise towel softness. We recommend washing and drying on medium heat to preserve the natural softness of cotton fibers and eliminate bacteria. Additionally, high heat will set stains. Pre-treat stains before washing heavily soiled towels. To thoroughly sanitize heavily soiled towels, wash them at a higher temperature. This helps remove body oils, hair products, and other daily residues.

Dry towels completely. Leaving damp towels piled on the floor can lead to mildew, while prolonged storage can crush the looped structure of terry cloth. Confirming towels are totally dry before folding will prevent mildew and preserve their texture. Additionally, avoid leaving damp towels in the dryer; instead, shake them out and fold promptly after the drying cycle ends.

Don't overwash towels. Frequent laundering can degrade towel fibers over time, reducing their absorbency. Different experts suggest varying frequencies for washing towels, from after every two uses to every three to five uses. To extend towel lifespan, consider having a rotation of towels to allow fibers to rest between washes. Since towels come into direct contact with skin, regular washing is recommended to maintain hygiene. Sheets and towels, being close to the skin, are considered intimate textiles and should be washed regularly.

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