How To Save Money Hosting a Big Event

Lisa Denham
In Airbnbs, VRBOs, and vacation rentals — parties happen! People who use Host & Home as a resource can throw a great party and save money when they buy vacation rental supplies in bulk.

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Performance Fabrics in Luxury Sheet Sets

Lisa Denham
Each unique performance fabric we’ve chosen for our Aston & Arden collection of luxury sheet sets has unique properties that elevate them to luxury status. Choose from bamboo rayon, eucalyptus lyocell Tencel™, or a linen and lyocell blend for a beautiful rejuvenating sleep.

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The Host and Home Holiday Gift Guide

Lisa Denham
Host & Home is the quintessential one-stop shop for all types of giving, with wholesale bulk buying options as well as options for smaller quantities. The Host & Home Holiday Gift Guide is here!

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The Perfect Sheets for Hosting

Andrew Moore
Opening a bed & breakfast, taking pride in a boutique hotel or motel, or investing in a vacation rental are all opportunities for you to provide guests with a great experience while they stay in your town. They'll take home the memories they make, and with that, guests consider the quality of accommodation where they stayed. 

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Benefits of Providing Makeup Removal Towels

Andrew Moore

Purchase in Bulk Makeup Removal Towels and Save!

You might be surprised at how many makeup removal towels your guests will go through during their stay. The best way to have enough inventory for your guests, depending on the size of your business, is to consider large quantities. We offer cases up to 144 in our collections.

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How to Find the Best Bed Sheets for Your Guests

Andrew Moore

Host & Home is your one-stop shop for the proper bed sheets for your guests. Whether you have a guest room in your home, a rental property, or a hotel, you can choose from affordable, comfortable quality sheets and sheets sets. Assure all your guests a relaxing stay with the perfect bed sheets for your space and budget. Whatever you choose from Host & Home, your guests will thank you.

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Important Things to Consider When Buying Cleaning Supplies for Your Business

Andrew Moore

Cleaning your home or business doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you have the right cleaning supplies. Host & Home has various cleaning supplies that meet homeowner and business owner needs. Here are the wholesale cleaning supplies you should keep on hand to keep cleaning productive: 

Cleaning Kits

At Host & Home, we know it can be challenging to remember all of the cleaning supplies you need for mopping and dusting. We sell cleaning gear to help you get started. Get everything you need to mop or dust using our cleaning mop kit

What's Included: Find everything you need for any kind of cleaning project. Our cleaning kit includes reusable pads, one 71" extendable dust mop, and three microfiber wet mops. It also comes with microfiber chenille dusting covers, microfiber cleaning cloths, and a free dusting wand.

Why It Works: Different spaces require surface-specific tools to reach their cleanliness potential. Our cleaning kit mop kit will help you mop floors, clean windows, and even dust any kind of hard-to-reach space. You can even use the kit supplies to keep your car refreshed and clean.

Care Requirements: We recommend that you wash the microfiber cloths included in this kit without fabric conditioner or bleach and air dry or tumble dry with a low heat setting. This kind of care will keep your cloths in pristine condition, use after use.

Mop Supplies

We have everything you need for mopping, including mop buckets and a variety of mop heads. The mop head you need will depend on the floor you are cleaning and the soil level. 

Mop Bucket: If you are wet mopping, you need our easy-to-use six-gallon mop bucket. The wheels and bucket handle make moving the bucket safe and comfortable. The sieve is perfect for wringing out dirty water on flat mop heads. 

Wet and Dry Mop Pads: These mop pads are perfect for dry cleaning dust and wet mopping floors. With these mop pads, you can clean vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and tile floors. They are velcro backed and easily attach to standard velcro flat mop bases. 

Microfiber Wet Mop Pads: These microfiber wet mop pads are easy to use with standard velcro-backed flat mop frames. They come in sizes ranging from 13", 18", and 24". They can clean floors, windows, ceilings, and even furniture. The wet mop heads are machine washable and reusable for over 200 cleanings. 

Scrubbing Microfiber Mop Pads: These mop pads are textured to help clean floors and other surfaces during the cleaning process. The mildly abrasive texture breaks down dirt and soil without leaving streaks. They are machine washable and reusable. 

Cleaning Cloths & Rags

Microfiber Towels: Our microfiber towels are premium quality, lint-free, multi-purpose, machine washable, and reusable. These towels are perfect for dusting, drying, buffing, polishing, and cleaning delicate items. 
Waffle Microfiber Towels: Use these textured towels to wipe down surfaces or scrub dried-on messes. They can clean large spills, polish stainless steel, and complete other general household cleaning tasks. You can reuse these durable towels many times because they are machine washable. 

Polyester Knit Wipes: These wipes are perfect for use in cleanroom environments. They are non-abrasive and won’t scratch or damage your belongings. The wipes are durable, so you can remove dust and dirt easily. You can use them to clean lab equipment, medical equipment, optical lenses, and electronics. 

Cleaning Rags: We have microfiber smart rags, colored terry towel rags, and white knit T-shirt cleaning rags. Cleaning rags are great to use for an array of cleaning needs. Our cleaning rags are machine washable, dry fast, and reusable. You can use them for dusting, wiping countertops, cleaning bathrooms, absorbing spills, and more. 

Microfiber Cleaning Mitts: Our one-size-fits-all microfiber dusting mitts help you clean difficult-to-reach places. The mitts help you get a good grip with their ergonomic design. You can dry dust or wet wipe the dirt and grime away using only water. They are great for dusting, polishing, drying, buffing, and more. 

Bar Mop Towels: These terry towels make great clean-up cloths because they are absorbent. You can use them to clean heavy-duty spills and messes. They are ideal for cleaning behind bars, in kitchens, and in dining rooms. Terry cleaning rags are reusable and machine washable if they are not heavily soiled. Once they are soiled or stained beyond rescue, you can simply dispose of them and get a new one. 

Protective Items

Keep yourself and your staff protected while cleaning. Host & Home has face masks and aprons available in bulk quantities. 

Face Masks: Cleaning can stir up settled dust and spread bacteria. Our disposable face masks offer three layers of protection. They are easy to breathe in and have elastic earloops for a comfortable wearing experience.

Aprons: Host & Home offers a variety of aprons to keep yourself and your staff clean while working. Here are our three most popular aprons for use while cleaning:

  1. Cobbler aprons are double-sided, with pockets and adjustable ties. These aprons are made of 100% polyester. They protect the front and back of your clothing from your shoulders down to your hips.  
  2. Bib aprons are knee-length and have pockets and adjustable ties. These aprons protect the front of your clothing from your chest to your upper thighs. 
  3. Half waist aprons (also called half bistro aprons) cover the area from your waist to the tops of your knees with pockets and adjustable ties. 

Our aprons are durable, reusable, and machine washable. We offer them in many colors, including black, white, red, and navy. 

Buy Wholesale Cleaning Supplies From Host & Home

Host & Home provides a wide spread of cleaning supplies in varying colors, sizes, and quantities to meet your cleaning needs. With our available supplies, you can dust, scrub, clean, and so much more. 

Let Host & Home help with your wholesale cleaning supplies needs. Our cleaning products are available in bulk to save you time and money. We have cleaning kits, mop supplies, cleaning cloths, and protective items to make cleaning your home or business more manageable. Contact us today to get started.

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Tips for Washing Your Towel Sets

Andrew Moore

Purchasing wholesale towel sets for your business is an investment. Keeping your towels in the best condition possible extends their longevity and keeps your customers happy. Follow these tips for washing your towel sets to keep them clean and robust. 

Follow Label Instructions

The first thing you need to do when washing your towels is to check the towel's label. Towels differ in material and construction.

Your towel's label instructions might include:

  • Whether or not the towel is machine washable
  • The ideal cleaning temperature
  • Chemicals to use for cleaning
  • Chemicals to avoid when cleaning
  • The ideal drying temperature
  • Whether or not the towel can be ironed

When you do not follow the label instructions, you risk damaging your towels. Damage might not show up immediately; it can happen over time. Results of improper cleaning include shrinkage, discoloration, accelerated wear and tear, and material breakdown. Turns equal guest nights. Wash your towels correctly and extend the number of turns before you need replace the towel. 

Sort Your Towels

When you are ready to clean your towels, separate them into groups first—separate bath towels from other types of laundry like bed linens, cleaning towels, and bath mats. Towels need to be sorted a few other ways, too.

Wash By Color

It's a great idea to purchase towels of different colors for different uses. For example, your bath towels should be a different color than your beach and pool towels. We sell color-coded bed linen (by different color hems e.g., blue thread for queen size) to quickly sort white bed linen in the wash.

When you go to wash towels, start by sorting your towels by color. Washing your towels by color groups will remove the risk of color transfer from darker towels to lighter towels.    

Wash By Towel Type

The towels will vary by type. Sort your towels into categories before you wash them. For example, wash your white bath sets together, but wash delicate towels or oversized towels separately. 

Always separate terry towels from microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloths are lint free, while white terry towels will lint extensively during the first couple of washes. The lint will stick to the microfiber material. Remember, never dry microfiber cleaning cloths with heat.

If you use cleaning towels with a designated chemical, wash them separately from your other towel types. This way, there is no chemical transfer between the towels you use. For example, never use bleach or fabric softener with microfiber cloths, these chemicals will neutralize the natural positive charge of the fibers.

Washing your towels by type will help you follow the label's cleaning instructions. It will also help you during the folding process, too. The towels will already be sorted by type, so you won't waste time sorting them after they've gone through the dryer.  

Use the Right Detergent 

Washing your towels with the right detergent will help them last longer. Using the wrong detergent or chemicals could cause unwanted discoloration or damage to an entire load of towels. Most colored towels should be cleaned with a non-bleach detergent. 

Check the label on your detergent to know how much to use for each load. Using too much detergent won't help clean the towels any better than using the correct amount. Overusing detergent will cause increases in your detergent costs and can leave behind unwanted soap residue. 

Underusing detergent isn't beneficial either. If you don't use enough detergent, your towels won't come out clean. You might have to run the wash multiple times for the desired level of cleanliness. 

Pretreat Stains

To keep your towels looking new, always try to pretreat stains. Washing a stained towel will only set the stain and make it difficult, or even impossible, to remove it. 

There are two standard ways to pretreat a stain. The first way to pretreat a stain is to use a small amount of compatible detergent. Put the detergent directly on the stain and gently rub the detergent into the stain. Check to see if the stain has improved by rinsing the stained area before washing the towel. Treat the stain again if needed, then wash the towel like usual.

The second way to pretreat a stain is to use a specialized stain treatment. Stain treatment sprays are usually safe to use on all fabrics; however, test a small portion of one towel before applying the treatment to multiple towels. After you know the stain treatment will not damage your towels, follow the treatment instructions. Some stain treatments need to be rinsed off prior to washing, whereas others don't.   

Monitor Load Size

Understand your washer and dryer's load capacity. It is possible to wash small loads, but a washer should never be overloaded. 

Overloading a washer can cause damage to the machine and its contents. Towels will not clean properly if they are overloaded in the washer. The washer's energy efficiency will also decrease if loaded over capacity.

Make sure the dryer isn't overloaded, either. The drying time of multiple loads stuffed into one dryer will not decrease. Overfull dryers take longer to dry, use more electricity, and are at risk of overheating. Overheating can cause damage to the towels or, worse, a fire. 

Regulate Cleaning and Drying Temperature

The care label on your towels will indicate specific information about the ideal water and drying temperatures. The label will also specify the recommended cycle, too. For example, some towels need to be washed on a gentle cycle. 

The colors of towels you are washing will determine the temperature you want to wash them. Cold water is commonly used to clean dark-colored towels because it extends the towel's life, helps prevent colors from bleeding, and shrinkage is less likely to occur in cold water. 

Check the towel's label to see if there is a recommendation for the drying temperature. Most towels require a low heat setting. Tumble dry on low to extend the life of the towel and ensure the towels do not overheat. 

Microfiber cloths contain 1000's of microscopic hooks that attract and lock in dirt. These hooks are delicate and will melt under high-heat. Hanging your microfiber cloths to air dry is the preferred method, you may also tumble dry on low setting (separately from terry products).

Keep Transfer Time Low

Towels shouldn't sit in the washer for an extended amount of time. Quickly transfer the towels from the washer to the dryer to prevent odor-causing mold and mildew. 

Purchase Our Wholesale Towel Sets

Purchase your wholesale towel sets through Host & Home. Our durable towels come labeled with easy-to-read cleaning instructions. We have a wide selection of bath sets, pool sets, and cleaning towels. You can also choose from towels made with 100% cotton or a cotton blend. With Host & Home, you can improve your customer's experience by providing various high-quality towels in different sizes.

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Host & Home Partners with VineOh!

Andrew Moore
We know a good thing when we see it, and getting wine and goodies delivered quarterly is definitely a good thing. VineOh! was created for the woman on the go. 

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Bulk Beach Towels Your Guests Will Love

Andrew Moore

Summer is the ideal time to cater to vacationing customers. Improve guest satisfaction when you buy bulk vacation rental supplies, like beach towels. At Host & Home, we have a variety of fun, oversized, and durable beach towels available to meet your summertime towel needs, and you can save by buying in bulk at Host & Home. 

Bulk Beach Towels Your Guests Will Love

Nothing says summer like a bright colored beach towel. Colorful beach towels are easy to spot, large enough to sunbathe on, and won't get mixed up with bath towels. Here are the best beach towels available at Host & Home:

Sand Free Turkish Beach Towels



Wholesale Sand-Free Turkish Beach Towels are like a towel mixed with a blanket and are ideal for a great day at the beach. They are absorbent and extra-large. Our Turkish beach towels measure 35" by 75". The fabric is tightly woven to conveniently repel sand. Guests will love sunbathing on these beach towels and with their sand-resistant and absorbing qualities, they’re great for repeated use. They are available in a case of 24 in your choice of five color schemes. 

Cabana ‘B’ Beach Towels

Cabana Beach Towels are multipurpose towels perfect for pool use, beach use, and more. These are ideal for hosting as they are inexpensive. They would also be perfect for home and family use, and there would some extras on hand to use as fun gifts. Each case of 36 towels has a varied selection of colors, including blue, orange, yellow, and pink. They measure 27" by 58". Made from velour cotton, these towels are luxuriously soft and are machine washable in cold water. 

Aston & Arden Reversible Beach Towels

Oversized towels like our Aston & Arden Lush Oversized Beach Towels are thick and soft. Aston & Arden large towels come in classic stripe pattern but with different striped colors on both sides of the towel. These oversized towels are large enough to spread out under a cabana or to dry yourself off thoroughly after a swim. Guests and homeowners alike will love how soft these towels are. Each towel measures 35" by 70". You can choose from one of six colors; each case contains eight towels.

Las Rayas Striped Pool Towels

Las Rayas Striped Pool Towels are premium pool towels with a classic horizontal weft stripe for an added bit of added luxury. They measure 30" by 60" and are made of 100% ring-spun cotton. Each case includes 24 towels in your choice of six colors. The Las Rayas striped pool towels are smaller than a cabana towel, so they won't take as long to dry as full-sized cabana towels but provide plenty of coverage to use after a day in the water.

 Las Rayas Chaise Pool Chair Covers

Chaise Pool Chair Covers match our Las Rayas pool towels, and are an additional luxury to have on-hand for guests. Each chair cover has an eight-inch pocket, measures 30" by 85", and can fit virtually any pool lounge chair, so you or your guests don’t have to sacrifice the availability of your pool towel when lounging in the sun. Each case of 12 includes soft 100% premium cotton interwoven with polyester. There are seven colors available.

Cabo Cabana Beach Towels

A unique take on the cabana towel, Cabo Cabana Oversized Beach Towels are fade-resistant, woven with 100% ring-spun yarn-dyed cotton. These cabana towels feature unique alternating color combinations. These towels were initially designed as pool towels but are great for rental properties, B&Bs, resorts, and more. They measure 30" by 70" and come in a case of 24. These striped towels come in seven different colors to suit a variety of color-schemes.

Printed Velour Beach Towels

Printed Velour Beach Towels are bright, fun, and colorful and will add life to any pool party. We have twelve designs available: beach balls, turtles, fish, flip flops, flamingos, flowers, pineapples, and more. These beach towels measure 30" by 60" and are made from 100% cotton. Each case includes 24 towels of the same towel style. If you have multiple properties or multiple pools, you can choose a different design for each to keep your inventory separated easily. Perfect for a family beach day!

Fiber Reactive Printed Beach Towels

The Fiber Reactive Printed Beach Towels come in an assortment of designs from nautical in nature, to bright and fun. They're the perfect choice to complete a beach-themed property or make for a fun day at the pool. These towels are available in three sizes. Small towels measure 28" by 58" and are available in cases of 36. Medium towels measure 30" by 60" and are available in cases of 24. Large towels measure 36" by 68" and are available in cases of 24. As these are an assortment, we do not guarantee colors, patterns or sizes.

Why Buy Specialty Beach & Pool Towels?

Many may wonder why it's necessary to purchase specific towels for pool or beach use when bath towels could seemingly do the trick. The truth is, they are in fact, a necessity. Here are the top three reasons you need towels separate from guest bath towels:


  1. Bath towels are usually smaller than beach towels. It’s ideal to have oversized beach towels available when getting out of the ocean or pool. They provide warmth and the ability to dry more quickly.
  2. Ocean water and pool water can be tough on standard bath towels. Pool water contains harsh chemicals that can break down towel fibers. You can extend the life of your bath towels by offering specific towels to use at the pool or beach. Make sure to launder the beach towels separately from bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths.
  3. The sun can also wreak havoc on bath towels. Beach towels can withstand harsh conditions. Since beach towels are designed for outdoor use, they won't fade as quickly as your guest bath towels.

Buy Vacation Rental Supplies From Host & Home

You get great pricing and durable items when you buy your vacation rental supplies from Host & Home. You can buy our products in bulk cases or in smaller quantities for home use.


Our beach towels will add color and style to your property and guests will also appreciate having specific beach towels while on vacation. Make Host & Home your one-stop shop for all your rental supply textile needs.

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