SmartPads Disposable Microfiber Mop Pads were developed by Monarch Brands for a variety of floor cleaning situations. SmartPads' woven microfiber polyester fibers pick up more dirt than non-woven disposable pads. This is a convenient solution for floor cleaners — a microfiber mop in a convenient dispenser box. Choose from blue or green to color-code your cleaning tasks and mitigate cross-contamination when reusing mops. An innovative dispensing box dispenses one pad while priming the next pad for use. Mops fit 18″ commercial mop frames and most home mops. eye-catching retail packaging grabs attention for POP sale opportunities. A versatile mop pad cleans all types of hard floors.

  • REUSABLE MICROFIBER DRY MOP AT A DISPOSABLE PRICE - SmartPads are thin, durable, and effective, dry mopping or wet mopping with the solution of your choice. The thin construction and lean, compact packing makes these wet mop pads convenient and easy to store or place on a mobile cleaning cart.
  • WET MOP REFILLS IN A BOX - This unique dispenser box delivers one pad while prepping the next pad for use. SmartPads' woven microfiber construction picks up more dust and dirt than non-woven disposable pads. Any cleaner will appreciate this tough microfiber mop pad in a dispenser box.
  • WOVEN MICROFIBER CONSTRUCTION - SmartPads' 100% polyester microfiber woven construction makes them the best mops for floor cleaning, picks up more dirt, and is as effective as non-woven disposable pads.
  • FITS ALL STANDARDS MOP FRAMES - SmartPads fit standard 18″ commercial mop frames and most home mops. This is a versatile mop pad that works on all types of hard floors, dry or with your favorite cleaning solution.
  • DISPOSABLE AND REUSABLE - Available in two colors for color-coded cleaning. Use one color as a disposable pad in danger zones such as hospital wards, restrooms, gyms & fitness studios, and locker rooms. In safe zones such as corporate offices, living spaces, food prep areas, and dining spaces, you can wash and reuse SmartPads. The brand provides the perfect reusable mop pads at disposable prices available in the market. 
  • FEATURES Available in blue and green for color-coded cleaning. Mop pads conveniently fit all 18″ mop frames. Attractive retail box packaging grabs attention for sale opportunities. SmartPads versatile mop pads clean all types of hard floors with ease. Use as a disposable pad in danger zones and wash and reuse in safe zones.
SmartPads Reusable Microfiber Mop Pads (18 Inch) in a Dispenser Box (30 mop pads)

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