Monarch Brands' retail-ready 60-count terry towel packs are 100% cotton and sized at a generous 14" x 17". These all-purpose towels are perfect for all household or commercial clean-up jobs. Tackle any room in the house, office, garage, or workshop. If you clean often, consider buying a case of five 60-count bags and lower your cost per terry towel. 
  • PREMIUM QUALITY TERRY TOWELS: Our terry cleaning cloth towels are 100% cotton bar mop style towels. They are a handy size at 14" x 17" and ready for retail in a large heavy-duty plastic bag with a carrying handle.
  • ECONOMICAL CLEAN-UP CLOTHS: Consider buying a case of five bags of 60 towels and lower your cost per towel — an economical choice!
  • HEAVY-DUTY CLEANING TOWELS: Terry cleaning towels are multi-purpose towels for home use, institutional, and commercial use. Wipe spills and clean surfaces like countertops and appliances. Use terry towels with your cleaning solution of choice for cleaning grease, grime, and oil on auto parts and machinery, as well as a multitude of messes! 
  • BAR MOP STYLE CLEANING CLOTH: These terry bar mop style rags are excellent for bar and kitchen cleanups, kitchen countertops, tabletops, and spills and can also be used for drying dishes, glasses, utensils, and chinaware.
  • MACHINE-WASHABLE RAGS: Cotton cleaning rags are machine-washable, durable, absorbent, and they dry fast. 
  • BUY IN BULK AND SAVE: Eliminate paper towel costs by using these reusable towels for all cleaning needs. Buy a bulk case of five bags (300 cloths) and minimize your cost per towel- a great value! Buying bulk cleaning supplies saves money and time replenishing stock!
60 Pack of White 14 x 17 Cotton Multi-Purpose Terry Towels or Bulk Case of Five 60-Count Bags

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