• MULTIPURPOSE: Great for bachelorette parties, wedding party gifts, sorority reunions, as guest gifts for vacation rental units, AirBnbs, and VRBOs, for personal traveling, and, of course, home pampering.
  • BEAUTIFULLY SIZED: These large 7x16 inch face cloths make cleaning feel luxurious. Coral fleece makeup removal cloths are so soft and gentle on sensitive skin and large enough for multiple uses before laundering. Use one end to clean skin and the other end to dry. Microfiber dries fast and resists bacteria growth better than traditional cotton cloths.
  • GIFT BOX SETS & BULK CASES: Buy a single gift box set or a buy an assorted case of 18 boxes. Low minimums make it easy to give your friends and family a beautiful and functional gift that they will love. Choose from six designs including Circles, Skulls, Lipstick, Houndstooth, Paisley, and Feathers. 
  • CARE: Wash microfiber only with microfiber as cotton releases lint that will be trapped in the tiny “hooks” in the yarn of the cloth. Do not use fabric softener or bleach as it will neutralize the natural positive charge of microfiber that attracts oils and dirt particles. Air-dry for best results or tumble dry low to preserve the microscopic synthetic hooks in the microfiber yarn. Never iron. The cloths are wrinkle-free and will damage a hot iron on contact.

Arkwright Home and the Bck2U beauty products brand bring you this charming decorative gift box containing a set of five coral fleece microfiber makeup removal cloths and a handy travel and wash bag. Cloths are solid-colored coral fleece adorned with colorful patterned piping and convenient hanging loops. Choose one of six cool designs including multi-colored feathers/peach cloth, houndstooth/pink cloth, sugar skulls/blue cloth, circle bubbles/purple cloth, paisley, ice blue cloth, or lipstick and kisses/black cloth. Included travel/wash bag shows the full decorative pattern as does the box set lid. Perfect for gifting to friends or family!

These face cloths are ideal for removing facial makeup, eye makeup, lipstick, and daily grime. Separate your makeup removal towels from your bath towels — and keep both sets fresh and clean longer. Keep your facial skin clean, soft, and supple!

Makeup Removal Cloth Set with Travel Bag in Decorative Gift Box, 5-Cloths, 1 Bag, Soft Coral Fleece Microfiber, 7x16 in., Design Options

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