Arkwright Home presents bright white microfiber sheets in bulk cases of 24 and 6-packs. These bulk white sheets are perfect for use in AirBnbs, VRBOs, guest houses, motels, camps, schools, and spas, where linen turnover is high. Microfiber sheets are some of the most beneficial bedding materials available today due to their breathable nature and durability. Microfiber is made from extremely fine fibers of polyester, usually thinner than a strand of silk. Extremely lightweight and soft to the touch is what makes microfiber gentle on the skin, which is ideal for sheets. Microfiber is resistant to odors and allergens, thus excellent for those who are hypersensitive. 

Microfiber is highly breathable, making it extra comfortable for restful sleep. Microfiber is also incredibly durable, meaning it will last much longer than other materials. This makes it a great investment, as you'll get more use out of your sheets. Furthermore, the material is resistant to wrinkling, which means that your sheets will always look neat and tidy, and you won't have to iron them. Investing in microfiber sheets is a great way to ensure that you get a comfortable night's sleep. Resistant to staining and wear, microfiber is easy to care for and will remain new looking longer than traditional cotton sheets. Make a good investment and buy bulk microfiber sheets, so you save money and rest in comfort!

Benefits You'll Love!

  • Microfiber Technology
  • Lightweight & Breathable
  • Odor and Wrinkle Resistant   

Bulk Case:

  • 6-Pack of White Microfiber Sheets
  • Bulk Case of 24 White Flat Microfiber Sheets
  • Bulk Case of ™4 White Fitted Microfiber Sheets


100% Microfiber

Fitted Sheets Sizes:

Twin: 36 x 80 x 12 (depth) in.

Full: 54 x 80 x 12 (depth) in.

Queen: 60 x 80 x 12 (depth) in.

King: 78 x 80 x 12 (depth) in.

Host & Home Microfiber Fitted Sheets, White, Size Options, Pack of 6 or Case of 24

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