• PREMIUM SHOWER CURTAIN LINERS: This convenient 2-pack of premium shower curtain liners, complete with rust-resistant metal grommets and “Stay-Put” weights is perfect for every shower in your home, beach house, or rental properties. Made from a clear 8 Gauge PEVA, this liner is 100% waterproof, soap scum resistant, and heavy enough to protect even the most delicate decorative shower curtain. This liner stays put with weighted stones. Your bathroom floor stays dry.
  • HEAVY DUTY 8 GAUGE PEVA: We chose to use PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) when we designed this liner as it is a chlorine-free alternative to PVC. This heavy-duty plastic liner is 8 gauge, which makes it strong and durable, and more likely to keep from moving into the shower while you are bathing. There is nothing worse than being crowded by a shower liner that wants to stick to you while you shower!
  • REPELS SOAP SCUM: Save time and money when you choose this heavy-duty, soap scum resistant shower liner. This quality 8 gauge liner will not only last longer than flimsy liners, it will save you time cleaning your liner, as it resists nasty soap scum! Why perspire while cleaning your liner after you’ve already showered? Enjoy the calm from a nice shower, knowing that gross soap scum has disappeared right down the drain!
  • PROTECT SHOWER CURTAINS & STAY SAFE: Keep your beautiful shower curtains from getting wet or dirty from soaps, shower gels, and hair care products with a heavy-duty liner that will stay in place. Heavy-duty liners also eliminate puddling on the floor. Save family and guests from dangerous falls!
  • CONVENIENT SHOWER LINER 2-PACKS: Wherever you have a shower or bathtub shower combo, use our excellent quality, chlorine-free shower liners. Protect your beautiful bathroom decor and keep users safe! Replace flimsy shower liners with an 8 gauge, PEVA heavy-duty shower liner in all your showers today! Replace flimsy shower liners at home, in vacation homes, and in rental properties. Don’t forget to send kids off to college with quality shower liners for their apartment showers.
    Host & Home Heavy Duty Shower Curtain Liner 2-Pack, Waterproof, 72” x 72”, Clear 8 Gauge PEVA Shower Liner, Soap Scum Resistant, Rust-Proof Metal Grommets, "Stay-Put" Weights

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