Use the convenient sieve shelf to "wring out" dirty water from mop pads for a dryer mop to clean floor surfaces, walls, etc. Compatible with any flat mop cleaning system. This large bucket can store up to 36 mop pads when empty.

GREAT FEATURES: Monarch Brands' compact bucket design with its strong handle and sturdy wheels makes transport and storage easy. A true grip handle means hassle-free drainage! A sieve shelf makes it easy to drain liquid from mop pads. Each bucket can store up to 36 flat mop pads when empty. Consider a 3-pack of buckets for greater savings per bucket. 

LARGE CAPACITY: Large heavy-duty, durable plastic buckets hold 6 gallons, a full 23 liters, of liquid. This professional janitorial bucket is a perfect tool for cleaning large rooms with minimal effort in moving the full bucket. 


FULLY MOBILE: Four attached wheels give our buckets better mobility and avoid injury to workers from carrying full heavy buckets. An ergonomic gripping handle provides optimum stability when rolling a full bucket. Workers can avoid fatigue while rolling buckets around large areas with ultimate ease and comfort.

CONVENIENT CLEANING: The inside sieve shelf enables wringing out dirty water for damp or dry mopping tasks. This large rolling bucket is compatible with any flat mop cleaning system. fits mops up to 18 inches.

SAVINGS: Our compact design makes storage and transport easy and features a strong handle for hassle-free drainage. Buckets can store up to 36 flat mop pads. Buy buckets in bulk (3-packs) for more savings on your purchase. 

USAGE & CARE: Use for window cleaning, floor cleaning, and other cleaning purposes. A compact tool for cleaning restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, schools, etc. Store buckets conveniently in a closet when not in use. This sturdy, hard plastic bucket can be washed with regular soap and warm water or your favorite mild cleaning solution.

Flat Mop Bucket - 6 Gallons with Ergonomic Handle, Lid, Sieve and Wheels, Yellow

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