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Our cleanroom wipes are rated for International Standards Organization (ISO) Class 4-5, meaning they are suited for delicate, controlled, and ultra-clean environments like laboratories . ISO Class 4-5 cleanrooms are held to a standard of 99.9995% filtration, a standard that our finely woven wipes easily surpass.

At 120 GSM, our cleanroom wipes are lightweight and gently absorbent. Their laser-sealed edges give you a clean, efficient finish with every wipe. They’ll work for everything from spills, to dust, to bio-contaminants.

Made of 100% pure continuous filament yarn, these silky squares will leave practically any wiped surface clean in areas where quality and cleanliness are paramount. 

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Cleanroom Wipe Benefits

Beyond their top-level quality and unique affordability, our cleanroom wipes come with a host of cleaning benefits, including: 

  • Strong Polyester Knit: Our strong, tightly-knitted polyester material makes these cleanroom wipes incredibly durable. Their professionally made material makes them durable enough to withstand repeated use over extended periods of time without ripping or tearing. These towels are gentle and lightweight. You’ll be satisfied with your long-lasting supply. 
  • Critical-level Cleaning: Many of our customers work in or own businesses where cleanliness is key. We understand that you cannot compromise on price or quality, which is why we provide ISO Class 4-5 materials. You can confidently clean delicate environments, resting assured that no problematic particles will remain. 
  • Soft, & Non-Abrasive: Our finely woven cleanroom rags are soft, light, and gentle on every surface. Their non-abrasive fabric lets you wipe without worry.
  • Lint-free: Because they are made of 100% pure continuous filament polyester yarn, our cleanroom rags are guaranteed to leave controlled surfaces contaminant-free. 
  • Gamma-irradiated Sterility: In industries where cleanroom wipes are used on biochemical spills and fluids, the wipes must be sterilized between uses. Our cleanroom wipes can be Gamma-irradiated, safely sterilizing them from potentially harmful contaminants without harming the material. This is also why we can provide low microbiological endotoxin levels in our cleanroom wipes.
  • Highly Absorbent: If you plan to clean up more liquid than lint, you’ll be pleased to learn that these cleanroom wipes are highly absorbent. Their 120 GSM rating makes them great for minor spills and other liquids that you may need to regularly eliminate.

Download our test results tech sheet to see how our cleanroom wipes compare to those of our competitors. In practically every area of cleanliness, we not only meet the standards—we exceed them.

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    Arkwright Oversized Cleanroom Wipers (12x12, 150 Pack) Polyester Knit Wipes for Lab, Electronics, Pharmaceutics, and Printing

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