Arkwright Oversized Cleanroom Wipers, 12x12, CASE of 1500 (10 bags) Polyester Knit Wipes for Lab, Electronics, Pharmaceutics, Printing and Semiconductor Industries.
  • 100% Pure Continuous Filament Polyester Yarn
  • CLEANROOM WIPES: Cleanest level of cleanroom wipe, class 10 & 100 dry knitted polyester cleanroom wipes. This polyester wipe is a lint-free cloth used in a cleanroom or controlled environment to wipe away surface contamination and spills, including solid particles, liquids, and bio-contaminants.
  • ELECTRONIC CLEANING WIPE: These cleaning wipers are ideal for cleanroom environments, sensitive lab equipment, medial equipments etc. Medical institutions, pharmaceutics, hospitals, clean rooms, and electronics or medical device manufacturers use lint-free cleanroom where clean room conditions are a must.
  • PERFECT ELECTRONIC WIPES: The 100% polyester continuous filament knit ensures that our cleanroom wipes are lint free. Cleanroom Wipes are perfect for cleaning sensitive electronic machines and equipment.
  • EFFECTIVE OPTICAL LENS WIPES: The laser-sealed edges of these optical wipes are soft and leave a streak-free finish on optical lenses.
  • POLYESTER KNIT WIPES: Our electronic cleaning wipes are made from 100% continuous filament polyester and are durable and non-abrasive. These polyester wipes will not tear away or fray around the edges.
Arkwright Oversized Cleanroom Wipers (12x12, 1500 Bulk Case) Polyester Knit Wipes for Lab, Electronics and Pharmaceutics,

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