• REUSABLE MICROFIBER DRY MOP AT A DISPOSABLE PRICE - The Smart Pads sweeper mop is thin, durable and just as effective as any other microfiber floor wipes out there. The thin construction and lean, compact packing makes these wet mop pads very cost effective.
  • WET MOP REFILLS DISPENSER BOX - An innovative dispensing box dispenses one pad while priming the next pad for use. SmartPads woven microfiber picks up more dirt than non-woven disposable pads. Cleaners’ will flock to this dual-threat microfiber mop in a dispenser box.
  • WOVEN MICROFIBER CONSTRUCTION - SmartPads' 100% polyester microfiber woven construction makes them the best mops for floor cleaning, picks up more dirt and is more durable than non-woven disposable pads.
  • FITS ALL STANDARDS MOP FRAMES - These floor cleaner mop fit any standard 18″ commercial mop frames AND most home mops. A versatile mop pad cleans all types of hard floors.
  • DISPOSABLE AND REUSABLE - Use as a disposable pad in danger zones such as Hospital Wards, Restrooms, Gyms & Fitness Studios, Locker-Rooms OR wash and reuse SmartPads in safe zones such as Corporate Offices, Living Spaces, Food Prep Areas, Dining Spaces. 
Case of 8 Boxes of Reusable Microfiber Mop Pads (18 Inch) - Each Dispenser Box Contains 30 Mop Pads

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