• DURABLE: Absorbent huck towels are made from a pure cotton fabric and is favored for cleaning instruments due to its durability. These towels will perfectly dry glass without streaking. Use on windows, glass painted metal, ceramic, counters, cabinets and wood.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of 100% premium quality combed long-staple cotton the tightly woven yarn keeps the cotton fiber from pilling and giving-off lint. Huck towels derive their name from its weave type - Huck weave.
  • PACKAGE: Pack of 50 with perfect size 14" x 24" will last longer between washes. Use a different towel for different surfaces for efficient cleaning.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: These Cleaning towels are perfectly machine-washable, dry fast, and do not use bleach. These Absorbent towels can be washed and reused hundreds of times without losing their efficacy.
Bag of 50 Cotton Blue Huck Towels: 14 x 24, Multi-Purpose Cleaning Towels

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