• DEPENDABLE AND RELIABLE: Bar Mop Terry Towel cleaning rags work well for any workplace, shop, garage, or office. Made from absorbent 100% cotton and double stitched to hold up under heavy-duty use, these towels come in plain white and with center stripes and are available in sizes 14x17 to 16x19 in quantities to fit any budget. An economical, durable, and long-lasting option, they will help you tackle any mess.
  • RESTAURANT QUALITY CLEANING RAGS: Arkwright professional-grade cotton cleaning rags with color center stripes were originally made for the restaurant industry. These commercial cleaning rags are irregular bar mops that did not pass A-Grade inspection but are still perfectly good.
  • QUICK DRYING DISH TOWELS: Our kitchen terry cloth towels are more absorbent than most cleaning rags out there. Our quick-drying bar rag cleaning wipes wick water fast. Perfect for countertops, bar tops, and kitchen counters. These bar mop rags are reusable and make a great alternative to disposable paper towels.
  • HEAVYWEIGHT CLEANING RAG BAR MOPS: W69 clean-up towels are oversized and heavier than t-shirt rags and microfiber wiping rags, although bar mop cleaning rags lint more than a t-shirt and microfiber rags. These large rags are perfect for car cleaning and other high-soil areas.
  • ECONOMICAL CLEANING CLOTHS: These bulk cleaning rags come in bags and boxes by weight. Available in 5lb and 10lb bags and boxes and in larger 25lb and 50lb boxes. Need more? Order a full pallet! We will fulfill it from our warehouse. Buying bulk cleaning supplies saves money!
  • MACHINE-WASHABLE KITCHEN TOWELS: Our bar wipes are perfectly machine-washable in the regular cycle. Tumble dry. These hand towels can be washed and reused frequently without losing their absorbency.
Bar Mop Terry Towel Rags, 14x17 to 16x19, Plain White and with Center Stripes, Perfect Cleaning Cloth Rags for Home, Garage, and Automotive

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