• MATERIAL- 250 GPSF MICRO-POLY, Chenille Noodle, Hot Melt Back. Soft & Plush.

  • SHAPE- Rectangle

  • SIZE OPTIONS - 21x34 in. or 24x40 in.

  • PATTERN - Solid Color.

  • MULTI-USE - This Bath Rug can be used in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. Its unique design makes it a perfect match to any decor.


Bella Bathroom Rug. Size Options: 21x34 or 24x40 in. Color Options. Uber-plush Bella rugs feature fat chenille noodles and a hot melt backing. Bella rugs are heavier than Capri and sold as a single rug. In fact, a single Bella rug is almost as heavy as the Capri set. A beautifully soft addition to your rug collection. Classic best-selling colors include greys, neutrals, and pastel pink and blue.

Bella Chenille Bathroom Rug, Size & Color Options, Micro-Poly, Uber Plush & Soft

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