• QUALITY: Arkwright Cheesecloth is made from natural food grade cotton. Made of 100% cotton, this bleached muslin fabric is durable, washable and reusable. It's absorbent, which makes it ideal for making hung curd, soy milk, cottage cheese, cheese making, nut milk bag and more
  • DIMENSIONS: Grade 40 bleached cheesecloth length is equal to 4 Yards 36 sq. ft (3ft x12ft) and weight is equal to .2 lb. Our length which makes it most suitable for bulk use. Grade 40 (24x20 threads per square inch) is considered the finest weave and highest quality cheesecloth fabric with its extra strength and durable construction.
  • USEAGE: It is ideal for straining stocks as well as canning. Use it for basting or stuffing poultry. It is also useful when making soft cheeses that need a mesh wrap. Arkwright cheesecloth is perfect for cooking, roasting, draining, straining, sieving, fermenting foods, cooking with herbs, steeping tea and more
  • DURABLE AND REUSABLE: This strong 100% natural cotton fabric can be washed and used again and again, which saves your money and helps the environment. When we talk about our grades 90, 50, 40 cheesecloths, one of the things that stands out is the strength, durability and lifespan of the cloth.
  • WASHABLE: Wash in the washing machine or by hand in the sink. Avoid detergents and fabric softeners. Use only mild detergent if necessary, and rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue. If there are bits of curd sticking to the cloth, rinse with whey or white vinegar to help remove it.
4 Sq Yards of Grade 40 Bleached Cheesecloth

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