We offer our Monarch Brands' huck towels in 50 lb. boxes for those who prefer to purchase in bulk.  Huck towels are popular in operating rooms and the medical and machining industries for specialty cleaning, where a lint-free absorbent cloth is imperative. The huck weave has an uneven surface featuring "floating" threads woven that won't lock into other threads, creating tiny compartments that trap and absorb water. Huck towels are superior to other types of towels for certain jobs as they dry surfaces quicker and leave the surface streak-free. The sturdy cotton fabric makes it a good choice for cleaning tough grime and holds up to repeated washings well. Remember, buying bulk cleaning supplies saves money!

  • LOW-LINT TOWELS: 100% Cotton Huck towels are known for their low-lint quality and high absorbency. 
  • A DURABLE WEAVE: A huck towel is made from a pure cotton fabric favored for cleaning surgical instruments to its durability. These towels dry glass and other shiny surfaces without streaking. All-purpose absorbent, lint-free huck towels are excellent for many projects but are preferred in operating rooms for their high absorbency and lint-free quality. 
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Huck towels are made of 100 percent premium quality combed long-staple cotton, which inhibits pilling and lining. "Huck" refers to the weave - a simple configuration with more surface thread that increases its ability to trap and absorb liquid.
  • ECONOMICAL IN BULK: Eliminate paper towel costs by using these reusable towels for all cleaning needs. Buy a 50-pound box and minimize your cost per towel. Buying bulk cleaning supplies saves money!
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: These shop towels are machine-washable and fast-drying. Wash and reuse these tough huck towels hundreds of times with no wear and tear.
50 lb Box of Blue Huck Weave Cotton Cleaning Towels - 16 x 26

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