Silvadur-treated Microfiber (Antimicrobial)
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE MICROFIBER CLEANING SUPPLIES: Extensive testing proves Silversure treated microfiber cloths with SILVADUR (TM) antimicrobial technology. SILVADUR (TM) uses silver ions proven to be highly effective in protecting against odor-causing microorganisms. Our antimicrobial treated microfiber cloths inhibit the growth of harmful microbes that could otherwise propagate within the microfiber cloth's fibers.
  • MICROFIBER CLOTH ECOLOGICAL CERTIFICATION: Our antimicrobial treated microfiber cleaning cloth is approved as non-toxic by Oeko-Tex international standards and is certified to be 99.9% effective in destroying microbes after 50 washes.
  • LINT-FREE MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTH: Use only the best microfiber cleaning cloths! The SilverSure microfiber cleaning cloth is designed to lift dust, dirt, grease, oils, silicone, grime, smudges, haze, and detritus.
  • MICROFIBER CLOTHS ARE MULTI-PURPOSE: Use SilverSure antimicrobial treated microfiber cleaning cloths for high traffic areas like light switches, bathrooms, and doorknobs. Microfiber is the perfect eyeglass cleaner, shop towel, and glass cleaning cloth. Keep car cleaning supplies in your glove box. Use as a kitchen towel, washcloth, or gym towel.
  • MICROFIBER CLOTHS ARE MACHINE WASHABLE: Machine-wash in warm water. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Antimicrobial treated microfiber cloths are highly sensitive to dry heat. For best results, air dry. Tumble dry on low (if you must). When cared for properly, microfiber cleaning cloths can be washed and reused hundreds of times without losing their efficacy, and cloths stay fresh longer by preventing odor, causing bacteria and fungi.
Case of 240 Silversure Antimicrobial Cleaning Cloths - 12x12 in. - Color Options

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