Arkwright Box of 50 Microfiber Smart Rags: 12 x 12, Color Options
  • SmartRags are less expensive than regular microfiber cloths so are ideally used in high-loss environments
  • Ideal for Industrial and automotive shop, as they need better lint-free options to wipe away heavy grime and oil.
  • Office environments value the compact consumer-friendly packaging. Employees are also prone to wipe-and-toss rather than launder cloths.
  • Healthcare facilities are hypersensitive to Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) so cloths are often discarded after one use.
  • Household tasks are no match for smart rags. Keep a box in the garage, under the sink, and with cleaning products to tackle everyday spill removal, dusting, and oily grime removals.
  • Microfiber cloths are more effective than cotton eliminating 38%* more soil than similar cotton products. *94% vs 68% Ref. CDC 2008 Study. This is because microfiber contains thousands of tiny positively charged hooks that literally attract dirt like a magnet and hold it in the cloth. Which means you need less chemical and water to clean any surface (which is good for the environment).
Case of 400 Microfiber Smart Rags (8 Boxes of 50 Each), Color Options, 12x12 in.

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