• QUALITY: Arkwright Cheesecloth is made from natural food grade cotton. Jiffy roll cheesecloth is made from four layers of 100% cotton bleached grade 40 Cheesecloth. They are heavy, thick wipers that are soft and super absorbent
  • DIMENSIONS: The Jiffy Roll Cheesecloth is 16 x 9 x 8 in. in size and has 128 pre-cut pieces in each roll. They are contaminant-free and contain no chemical binders. This cheesecloth is used for straining, sealant applications and general household cleaning.
  • GRADE 40: It is high quality medium grade weave cheesecloth that is absorbent and durable. This cheesecloth is used for cooking, cleaning, polishing, wiping, staining, straining, maple syrup, crafts, weddings, faux paintings, and much more.
  • PRE CUT PIECES: Each jiffy roll cheesecloth pre-cut piece is 24 x 36 inch. The perfect size to meet your cooking needs, very convenient to use it and no need to cut, which makes it most suitable for bulk use.
  • USAGE: It is ideal for straining stocks as well as canning. It is also useful when making soft cheeses that need a mesh wrap. Keep chicken or fish intact when poaching. Wrap a turkey or chicken when roasting. Squeeze the juice out of a lemon without letting the seeds fall into the juice. Or you can use it to wrap spices

Size Dimensions:
128 Pre-Cut Pieces in Each Roll
Each Pre-Cut Piece is 24 X 36 in.
Jiffy Roll Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 8 in.
Item Weight: 5 lb

Jiffy Roll of Grade 40 Cheesecloth: 128 Pre-Cut Pieces of 24 x 36

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