DESCRIPTION: Arkwright's pack of five 16" x 7" microfiber reusable facial cloths and decorative wash/travel bag, presented in a decorative gift box.

These are ideal for removing facial makeup, eye makeup, glitter, lipstick and more. Do not ruin your white towels with makeup stains - use our custom-made towels that won't look shabby or dirty even after multiple uses. You can use it in your master bedroom, guest room, hotel, Airbnb or bed and breakfast.

Arkwright's Makeup Remover Washcloths come in 6 different designs and colors, and have a perfect size of 16" x 7" in. With a dobby border and printing, it is perfect for self-use or for gifting to your loved one. It scores highly on both, function and fashion. Made from Super Soft Coral Fleece Microfiber, these towels are soft and highly absorbent.

  • MATERIAL- Super Soft Coral Fleece Microfiber.
  • PACKAGE- Each decorative box contains- 5 Microfiber Facial Makeup Cloths & 1 decorative travel bag.
  • DESIGNS- There are 6 different designs and colors to choose from. Skulls, Feathers, Houndstooth, Lipstick, Paisley, & Circles.
  • USE- Use daily to gently remove makeup and bring your skin back to its natural shine.
  • CARE- Wash microfiber only with other microfiber as cotton releases lint that will be trapped in your microfiber. Do not use fabric softner or bleach as it will neutralize the natural positive charge of microfiber that attracts oils and dirt particles. Air-dry for best results or tumble dry low to preserve the microscopic synthetic hooks in the microfiber yarn. Never iron. The cloths are wrinkle free, and will damage a hot iron on contact.
Makeup Removal Decorative Cloths & Travel Bag: 5-Pack, Design Options

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