• DOG DRYING TOWEL MITTS: Pop your hands into the mitt pockets and grab that wet dog! This drying towel has built in hand mitts that make it easy to hold your dog while drying after baths. Available in two sizes — perfect for groomers and home dog washers. These towel/mitts are made from heavy noodle chenille that absorbs water quickly. No more crazy wet dogs charging through the house like maniacs! Grab ‘em and dry ‘em with Pero & Gato Drying Mitts.
  • PET TOWELS: Our unique pet drying towels absorb more water than traditional cotton towels. With built in hand pockets, this highly functional textile will make dog baths a little less stressful. Pop your hands in the pockets, grab and squeeze you wet doggie! And repeat until dry!
  • MULTIPURPOSE TOWELS: Gift these dog drying towels to friends and family, and your favorite groomer. When not drying dogs these towel mitts make a nice floor mat or doggie blanket.
  • EASY DOG MITT CARE: Our towel mitts are machine washable on a delicate cycle. Air dry for best results. This towel has extra strong internal stitching to hand on to even the toughest canines.

PERFECT PET DRYING TOWEL MITTS: From arkwright Home and the Pero & Gato brand comes these soft chenille dog drying mitts, in two handy sizes. Ideal for pets of any size and designed efficiently with triangular hand pockets on each end, these towels are easy to grip and maneuver to dry any wet, wiggly dog. Choose 14x24 inches for little dogs and puppies or 20x40 inches for the big dogs. Towels are available in silver grey or light blue. When not in use as a drying towel, these make great dog blankets or mats.


Chenille Microfiber Pet Drying Mitts, Dog Drying Towel With Hand Pockets, 2 Colors, Sizes 14x24 in. or 20x40 in.

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