• PREMIUM QUALITY PET MICROFIBER TOWEL: Perro & Gata quick-drying pet towels are made from deep-pile chenille microfiber. Using chenille provides more surface area than traditional pet towels, which means you spend more time playing and less time drying.
  • A BETTER PET QUICK-DRYING TOWEL BY DESIGN: Are you still using a pet hand towel or microfiber bath towel to dry your fur baby? Our microfiber chenille towel for pets has stitched pockets for your hands. You can control the towel (and pet!) with ease. Don't use a pet bath towel to clean your mucky puppy, use our superior pet quick-dry towel.
  • PET ABSORBENT TOWEL COLORS & SIZES: Our chenille pet microfiber towels are available in two colors (grey and aqua). Our 14" x 24" pet towel for cats is perfect for small breeds of dog too. Our 20" x 40" pet towel for dogs is suitable for most dog breeds and sizes.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PET TOWELS: Our microfiber dog bath towels are plush and light. These are perfect for every season and outdoor beach, pool, and camping activities. This microfiber chenille towel can be stored in your car for your pet or at home. While not in use as a pet towel, they provide comfort for your pet and protect your couch, carpet, car, bed, floor, or chair.
  • USING YOUR ABSORBENT PET TOWEL: Place your hands in the pockets to dry your pet, gently squeezing to absorb the moisture. Pop the microfiber chenille pet towel in the washing machine after use. Microfiber pet towels should be washed and dried often. Our pet towels hold up to multiple washes without thinning out or unraveling.
Chenille Pet Drying Microfiber Towels - 14 x 24 - For Dogs & Cats

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