• DESCRIPTION: Arkwright's Potholder collection is made from 100% Cotton (terry looped), designed to feel soft. These potholders are a perfect size, heat resistant and perfect to use. The hemmed edges give the cloth strength and durability. These potholders are ideal to be used as a coaster, for cooking, baking, or other kitchen uses.
  • MATERIAL: 100% Cotton
  • QUALITY: 12-pack of premium quality pot holder made up of 100% cotton (terry-looped), designed to feel soft and quilting allows for easy flexibility in these pot holders. A bulk pack of 12 make perfect for large-scale or frequent uses, offer durability and grip. A bulk pack is also more cost efficient.
  • HEAT-RESISTANT: These pot holders will protect your hands from heat when removing dishes from the oven and hot pots from the stove, then rest your dishes on them like hot pads to protect kitchen surfaces. Do not use in a hot oven or over an open flame
  • MULTIPURPOSE: These terry cotton oven mitts pot holders are ideal for hot pots, hot pan holder, microwave splatter guard, spoon rest, jar opener, trivet, and large coaster. Theses pot holders are perfect for business, baking, kitchen and cooking.
  • SIZE: Our pot holders are perfect, large size - 7 x 7 in. with hemmed edges give the cloth strength and durability. It’s providing you perfect material with the benefits of heat resistant quality that you expect in your home.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: These pot holders are machine washable with cold water and tumble dry low (Do not bleach). Cotton makes it soft, light weight and easy to wash and can definitely hold up to multiple washes without thinning out or unraveling.
12 Pack of Cotton Pot Holders: 7 x 7, Looped, Color Options

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