Use these bright-colored scrubbing wet flat mops to handle heavy grime. Featuring polypropylene ridges that easily glide over the surface while removing dirt, these wholesale microfiber mops are durable and efficient, with quality built-in.

For color-coded cleaning systems, choose from three industry-standard colors. These pads fit 13" mops to 24" mops to match the task at hand. Launder up to 500 times — use and reuse throughout a facility.

Microfiber mops reduce fatigue and superior absorbency keeps you from making multiple trips to change the water. 

  • FOR THE ULTIMATE CLEAN: Scrubbing mop pads leave your home perfectly clean by attracting and trapping dirt. Make quick work of tough tasks.
  • EASY TO CLEAN PADS: Wash microfiber pads under warm water to loosen dirt or wash them in your machine. Dry microfiber pads on a low heat setting or air dry. Wash microfiber pads more than 200 times. Choose an environmentally friendly product.
  • MULTI-SIZED: Our 12-pack of mop pad refills work with size 14”-16" velcro-backed flat mop frames. Pads are 18" long and can handle any floor surface like vinyl, laminate, hardwood, tile, etc.
  • REUSABLE MOP PADS: Reuse microfiber mop pads multiple times. Don't throw them away — just throw them in a washing machine up to 500 times.
  • REMOVES TOUGH GRIME: The slightly abrasive texture of these mop pads removes tougher messes with a streak-free finish.


Scrubbing Wet Mop Microfiber Refill Pads, Color and Size Options

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