Our white terry towels are made from brand-new washcloth remnants left over from new production. They are a high cotton and polyester material blend that offers good absorbency and durability for a lightweight cloth. These larger towels are available in various bag and bulk box sizes. Suitable for a wide range of tasks, including general cleaning, paint spills and cleanups, staining and varnishing, polishing, and dusting, these harsh rags can be used for home, office, and industrial cleaning of general dirt and grime.  

GOOD QUALITY TERRY CLOTH RAGS: Generously sized at 14x14 to 20x20, these cotton-heavy terry towels are excellent all-purpose wiping rags for bigger cleaning jobs at an economical price. Buy in bulk for extra savings!

CHOOSE YOUR RAG PACK: These terry cleaning towels are available in 5lb and 10lb rag bags or boxes for the home or office and 25lb and 50lb rag boxes for industrial wiping, construction clean up, and remediation. 

A VERSATILE CLEANING CLOTH: These rags can be used for general cleaning, paint spills and cleanups, staining and varnishing, polishing, and dusting. White terry absorbent washcloth towels are ideal for so many uses.

DURABLE CLEANING SUPPLIES: These white terry cloth rags are discarded as irregulars during the washcloth production process. With an added bit of polyester, we gained extra durability in our construction as well as quick drying, easy-care laundering. Use them around the home to clean up spills, grease, grime, and oil. Remove dirt from tools, paint from brushes, to detail cars, etc. 

MACHINE WASHABLE WASH CLOTH RAGS: With a budget-friendly price tag, you can wipe and toss these rags without feeling guilty or machine-wash and reuse them to save even more money. Terry towels are machine-washable, dry fast, and remain durable.  

White Terry Rags, 14x14 to 20x20, Package Size Options - Bulk Available

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