• Spa Luxe 2-Piece Bathroom Rug Set
  • Each set contains one 17x23 in. rug, and one 20x30 in. rug.
  • Material: Cotton with Latex Backing
  • Machine Washable
  • 6 Color Options: Blue, Aqua, Brown, Gray, Rose & White.


Let Spa Lux be your guide to luxurious all cotton bath rugs. The styles change with trends and seasons but the quality is consistently plush while providing terrific value for your customers. Each set of bath rugs features machine washable sustainable 100% combed cotton fiber. Customers appreciate the combination of a 20” x 30” bath rug and 17” x 23” step out rug to tie their bathrooms together with effortless style.

Spa Luxe 2-Piece Bath Rug Set, 17x23 & 20x30, Solid Colors, Cotton with Latex Backing

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