Experience beach days like never before with the innovative multi-purpose Tie & Dry Beach Towel. Gone are the days of enjoying a relaxing swim, only to return to your chair to discover that your towel blew away in the wind! This beach towel is uniquely designed with strong rope ties and loops on each side, allowing you to easily fasten it to your chair and enjoy uninterrupted relaxation or warm weather activities!

  • NO MORE CLIPS! Made from premium 420GSM, ring spun cotton, and featuring colored cabana stripes, the Tie & Dry Beach Towel is not just any ordinary beach towel – it's a game-changer. Its oversized 30” x 70” dimensions ensure enough space to lounge comfortably.
  • The Tie & Dry ANTI-CLIP Beach Towel is a versatile textile with multiple uses. Use it as a sun shield by tying it to a tree or securing it to stakes in the sand. You can comfortably relax in the shade it provides without the harsh sun in your eyes. Is the wind a problem? Not anymore! Create a wind break for a more pleasant day by the water. For kids, the Tie & Dry Beach Towel can transform into a sun-safe shade screen, providing a safe space to play, read, nap, and avoid sunburn. Even when the little ones are not around, this versatile towel, tied to trees or chairs, can provide shady storage space for cold drinks, snacks, and valuables. With its many uses, the Tie & Dry Beach Towel is more than just a beach towel – it's an essential accessory for your beach adventures.
  • The Tie & Dry makes an excellent mini-hammock to keep valuables sand-free and handy! Just tie between two chairs and position them far enough apart to elevate the fabric off the sand. Lotion, sunglasses, phones, and keys stay sand-free and within reach. 
Tie & Dry Beach Towel 2-Pack, 30” x 70”, with Side Ties & Loops, 420GSM, Yarn-Dyed, RingSpun, 100% Cotton Terry, Wide Stripes in 5 Colors

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