• EXTRA LARGE TERRY CLOTH RAGS: These are lightweight commercial bath towels that are cut in half to a size of 20 x 20 to 24 x 24. The applications are for larger areas of cleaning and are typically referred to as "wall washers". The terry is coarse and recommended for cleaning but not for automotive or clearcoat surfaces.
  • CHOOSE YOUR TERRY CLOTH RAG PACK: Our terry towels cleaning are more cost-efficient than microfiber cleaning cloths. These cleaning towels are available in 5lb and 10lb rag boxes for the home or office, and 25lb and 50lb rag boxes for industrial wiping, construction clean up, and remediation. Need more? We sell these cleaning wipes by the pallet when fulfilled by our warehouse.
  • AN ULTIMATELY VERSATILE CLEANING CLOTH: These cleaning washcloth rags can be used for general cleaning, paint spills and cleanup, staining and varnishing, polishing and dusting. Lay on the ground for Soaking up oil and grease when you work on your car. Absorbent towels are ideal for every purpose.
  • DURABLE CLEANING SUPPLIES: These rags are discarded as irregulars during the terry towel production process. Use them around the home to clean up spills, grease, grime, and oil. Remove dirt from tools, paint from brushes, and working on cars. These cleaning rags are hearty and will not let you down.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE WASH CLOTH RAGS: Better than a cleaning wipe and toss, These terry cloth towels are machine-washable, dry fast, and remain durable. These cleaning cloths provide great value, and their ability to be machine washed means you can reuse them again if needed.
White Terry Cloth Rags, Large Size - 20x20 to 24x24, Bulk Rags for Multipurpose Cleaning

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