Use premium loop hook microfiber mop pads, wet or dry. They can soak up more water than most flat mops when wet. They trap a huge amount of dust and dirt when used dry. Microfiber's microscopic "fiber hooks" create an attraction/trapping action even in a loop mop.  Wet-and Dry mop pads serve a dual purpose. Use them dry for cleaning dust. Use them wet with water/cleaning solutions. These are versatile hook and loop mop pads with high absorbency for fuller coverage and economy of cleaning solution usage.

Hook and Loop Mop pads work with standard size 14" - 16" Velcro-backed flat mop frames. Mop pads are 18" long and effective for cleaning many surfaces - hardwood, vinyl, laminate, tile, concrete, etc.

  • QUICK CHANGE HEADS on the same frame with convenient Velcro backing.
  • COLOR CODED CLEANING with three industry-standard colors to prevent cross-contamination.
  • MINIMIZE CHEMICAL USAGE during an average cleaning with plush absorbent mops loop mops — change solutions less often.
  • MOP AND DUST with hook and loop mops on our universal flat mop frames.
  • CLEANS EASILY like all microfiber mops — just run under warm or hot water to loosen grime and debris from "fiber hooks."
Wet & Dry Mop Pads - 12 Pack

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