Monarch Brands Microfiber Econo Mop Pads are great quality budget mop pads at an economical price. This 18" mop pad is foam filled for greater absorbency and can hold a lot of water or cleaning solution. It has a fabric back that will stick to a velcro-backed flat mop base. With two colors to choose from, it is easy to start zone cleaning in your space. Use one color for safe zones like kitchens and office spaces and the other color for danger zones like bathrooms or areas where chemicals may be used. Just wash and reuse safe zone mops and toss danger zone mops after one usage. This is an excellent budget mop for all-purpose floor cleaning.
  • MATERIAL: Econo Wet Mops are hard-working microfiber 18" mop pads with an economical foam filling. For zone cleaning, Econo Mops are available in the two most popular cleaning colors, green and blue. They have a fabric backing.
  • QUALITY: The economical foam filling makes this mid-level mop pad perfect for infrequent household or weekly office mopping in safe zones. Use green for safe zones like kitchens and bedrooms and use blue mop pads for danger zones like bathrooms or sick rooms. Just wash and reuse safe zone mop pads and toss danger zone mop pads after one use. 
  • SIZE: Econo Mop pads are 18" in length. These mop pad refills have a fabric backing and are designed to work with velcro-backed flat mop frames, so they stick.  
  • REUSABLE: Microfiber mop pads can be reused multiple times. Gently rinse your mop pads for multiple uses. These low-cost mop pads will give you many washes before breaking down. For a longer life span, use only for dry mopping.
  • ECONOMICAL CLEANING: These wet mop pads are perfect for a budget wet cleaning of any floor surface. The foam layer inside helps retain a lot of water and provides efficient cleaning. This is an excellent budget mop pad for an economical price.
12 Pack of Econo Microfiber Wet Mop Pads - Color Options - 18"

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