We re-purpose millions of pounds of recycled sheets, towels and clothing by preparing them into cut task-specific wipers. These products are all pre-cut by hand to ensure each and every piece is a functional wiper. We offer a wide range of choices and packing options to meet specific customer needs.    

  • INDUSTRIAL USES: Reusable wiping cloth for machinery, tools and equipment
  • POLISHING: stainless steel and other metals
  • WIPE DOWN LARGE SURFACES: Walls and floors
  • MAINTAIN PRODUCTION LINES: Remove oil, grease and other contaminants from machinery. Cleaning up spills and debris quickly.
  • LINT-FREE: Use flannel cloths for polishing delicate furniture and automotive surfaces and interiors.
  • CLEAN MEDICAL EQUIPMENT: Wipe and polish high-lustre metal surfaces on machinery in medical offices, hospitals, dentists' offices, etc.
  • PAINTING & STAINING: Use flannel wiping cloths for painting, staining, and other finishing applications.
Reclaimed Flannel White Polishing Cloths - Packaging & Size Options

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