This bulk bag of all-knit T-shirt cleaning rags is full of great all-purpose, low-lint knit wiping rags made from cotton and poly-cotton material. These are production off-cuts that make perfect white wiping cloths for lighter-colored surface cleaning jobs. Solvents won't discolor the clean white cloth and distort the surface color by leaving dye residue. Buy bulk white T-shirt cloths packed in bags or boxes in multiple weights from 5lbs to 50lbs.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY RAGS: Made of 100% premium quality t-shirt material. All-knit T-shirt cleaning rags are made from cotton and poly-cotton material and make great all-purpose high-quality, low-lint knit wiping rags. Bulk cotton rags have excellent lightweight absorbency for quickly cleaning spills and messes.
  • VERSATILE CLEANING CLOTHS: These knit cleaning t-shirt rags can be used for general cleaning, staining and varnishing, paint spills and cleanups, polishing, and dusting. Bulk absorbent towels are ideal for all purposes.
  • DURABLE CLEANING WIPERS: Our knit cleaning rags are generated from offcuts during the t-shirt production process. Use them around the home to clean up spills, grease, grime, and oil. These cleaning rags are hearty for tough jobs and handy for all jobs.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE RAGS: Often used for a cleaning wipe and toss, these knit cleaning rags are machine-washable, dry fast, and remain durable.
  • BUY WHITE RAGS IN BULK: These bulk knit cleaning towels come in 5lb and 10lb bags and boxes for any home or office space. While 25lb and 50lb bags and boxes are better for general cleaning and wiping in industrial spaces like construction clean up and remediation. Want to buy less often? Buy in bulk.
White Premium T-Shirt Cleaning Towels - Packaging Size Options - Quality Multi-Purpose Rags

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