What to Look for When Buying Kitchen Supplies

What to Look for When Buying Kitchen Supplies

Restaurants, vacation rental owners, and homeowners should only select quality materials when stocking kitchen supplies. Host & Home supplies durable and long-lasting aprons, pot holders, and tablecloths. We also offer kitchen cleaning supplies like kitchen towels, napkins, and bar mops. Here’s what you should look for when buying discount kitchen supplies. Because quality, at a discount, means value!

Spun Poly Protective Supplies

Host & Home is proud to stock spun polyester discount kitchen supplies for any commercial or residential kitchen. Spun poly is durable, wrinkle resistant and fade resistant. Every chef can take advantage of our high-quality aprons, napkins, and tablecloths.


Aprons protect kitchen staff from immediate contact with hot liquids and stains. They are also a uniform staple. The following aprons may just be what your kitchen needs to improve employee safety:

Bib ApronsOur Mariposa bib aprons are outfitted with adjustable ties. Made from spun polyester, these aprons are wrinkle-resistant and protect wearers from splashes and spills. You’ll find these aprons last longer than the average cotton bib apron.

Bistro / Half Bistro Aprons: Host & Home’s bistro aprons are perfect for any Michelin-star restaurant. Both options have long adjustable ties that work for all body types and are easy to wash. 

Our long bistro aprons suit home and commercial use and have one large check pocket. Their notable oversized length will keep you safe behind any stove or grill.

While not as long, our half bistro aprons come in eight different colors and are ideal for chefs and servers who need extra mobility. These aprons have two deep pockets that can hold all your kitchen essentials while on the go.

Waist Aprons: Some kitchens find that waist aprons better accommodate their servers. Perfect for cafes, ice cream shops, diners, and everywhere in between, Host & Home’s waist aprons may be just what your restaurant needs. Like our other styles, each waist apron is made from spun polyester.

Cobbler ApronsOur cobbler aprons are double-sided and come with two deep pockets — useful for storage or transporting kitchen utensils. These aprons can work for projects outside the kitchen, including schools, gardening, and hospitals.

All of our aprons are available in bulk and come in black and red. Our bistro aprons also come in blue and green. If you’re looking for durable aprons that suit your kitchen aesthetics and will keep your kitchen staff safe, Host & Home is the right choice.


Host & Home’s Mariposa tablecloths will suit any formal restaurant or and venue. Each tablecloth will bring sophistication to your event and protect all tables from any kind of spill or stain. They are completely made from 100% spun polyester and can be purchased in bulk. You’ll find these tablecloths to be the right choice for your wedding, graduation, quincéanera, or other events.


Patrons can always tell the quality of a restaurant based on the quality of their napkins. Any food service looking to create a beautiful dining experience should consider Host & Home’s table napkins. We supply Mariposa bistro and solid dinner napkins in 12- and 25-piece packs and in bulk. Ranging in colors from blue, green, red, or tan, our napkins will surely impress your guests.


Additional Protective Discount Kitchen Supplies

Pot Holders

Host & Home also provides pot holders, another necessity for any kitchen. They protect your hands from hot dishes and cooking surfaces. They also protect tables and counters from warps or burn marks. 

Our 100% cotton terry looped pot holders are available in six colors (blue, green, tan, grey, black, and white), and can be machine washed. For maximum kitchen protection, our pot holders have decorative quilting to protect from burns.

Kitchen Rugs

Foot comfort and floor protection is another important investment that any kitchen should make. That’s why Host & Home supplies kitchen rugs. You may opt for our Sloppy Chef printed kitchen rugs — perfect for entryways or decoration — or our D-shape kitchen rugs, composed of slip-resistant latex and rubber backing. Whatever style you pick, your feet will stay protected during long hours of work.

Cleaning Measures

Sanitary safety measures are just as necessary as physical protection. Host & Home’s towels, napkins, and bar mops are optimal discount kitchen supplies cleaning options.

Towels and Bar Mops

No home or restaurant or home should ever be short on kitchen towels. That’s why Host & Home supplies decorative towels as well as utilitarian bar mops, suitable for heavier duty work and soils.

Kitchen TowelsHomes looking to add a touch of decor to their kitchen space should consider Host & Home’s kitchen towels. We offer buffalo plaid, windowpane, and premium weave options as well as neutral colors like white, blue, and black, red, and tan.

Bar MopsOur bar mops are designed to quickly clean water and spills. With top absorbency and many colors to choose from, your kitchen will be kept clean and remain sanitary. Whether you need a standard pack of bar mops or a bulk option, we have it all. 

Save More With Discount Kitchen Supplies

Are you looking to increase your restaurant or home’s kitchen safety? Contact Host & Home today. We supply quality kitchen supplies suitable for any establishment. You’ll find that our aprons, pot holders, tablecloths, and kitchen towels are sure to keep your kitchen sanitary and your staff protected.