How to Find the Best Bed Sheets for Your Guests

How to Find the Best Bed Sheets for Your Guests

Andrew Moore

Providing an excellent stay for your guests should include comfortable bedding, and wholesale bed sheets from Host & Home are an affordable option. Choose from several sizes and thread counts in various quantities, and give your guests the best bed sheets for their stay. We have the right amount to match your beds and still have extra for laundry day.

Here is some information to help you find the best bed sheets:


If you are a homeowner looking to purchase new bed sheets for your guests, you will likely want an economical option. You can get the perfect home bedding to make your guest rooms feel welcoming without exceeding your budget. Host & Home wholesale bed sheets come in popular decor colors in full, king, or queen sizes. It's easy to find a color that matches your guest room decor. For larger homes and vacation properties, you can avoid the struggle of laundering the same sheets repeatedly by buying sheets in bulk. Buy more at a volume discount and launder less frequently! Shop smart and save time and money.


Purchasing wholesale bed sheets for hotels where each room has a nearly identical design and decor is economical. Most hotels have neutral-toned color schemes that are easy to match, and purchasing bulk sheets in a single color yields a higher volume discount.

Our 200 thread count white Lulworth Flat Bed Sheets are affordable, and the 55/45 cotton-rich fabric makes them soft, more durable than cotton sheets, and an easy-care option.

For those who prefer a higher thread count and one consistent color is unimportant, choose our 1000 thread-count sheet set assortments. Cases include sets of four trending colors in sizes full, queen, and king.


Boutique Hotels & Bed & Breakfasts

Our First Avenue set of two bed sheets is perfect for your smaller rental property or hotel. They come in seven different natural colors: gray, white, and navy. Purchase these sets in bulk to make it easier for your hotel to match each room's decor.

Things to Consider

There are several things for hotels and homeowners to consider when purchasing wholesale bed sheets in bulk.

These considerations include:

  • Linen Par Level (ideally one on the bed, one in the wash, two on the shelf).
  • The ideal thread count for the guest based on their perception of value.
  • The laundering process required and number of wash cycles/week.

Each of these considerations affects the cost and quantity of bed sheets you'll need for your guests. Have enough sheets to give your guests the most carefree and comfortable stay.


The size of your bed and room will determine the cost of the bed sheets. We offer twin, full, queen, and king-sized bed sheets. Make sure you know the exact size of all of the mattresses. Queen and king-sized sheets may cost more than full or twin sheets. Verify that you have budgeted for the correct number of sheet sizes you need, including pillows.

Thread Count

The thread count of your bed sheets can determine how comfortable your guests are and how long the sheets last. We offer thread counts in 180, 200, 300, and 1000. If you are focused on providing a high level of comfort for your guests, the 300 and 1000 thread counts are best. For more affordable options in large quantities, we recommend purchasing the Lulworth Flat Bed Sheets with a 180-level thread count.


Each color should match the decor of your guest rooms. The most professional bed sheets are white, monochrome, or neutral color. Homeowners often have more freedom when selecting the color of guest bed sheets, but hotels should stick with sheets that match their decor and branding. Choose our Lulworth brand white institutional bed sheets for a crisp, clean hotel vibe that matches any decor.

Laundering Tips

  • Cotton/poly blend sheets are soft, comfortable, and wrinkle resistant, but 100% cotton sheets require pressing.
  • Cotton/poly blend sheets are more durable and last longer than 100% cotton sheets.
  • Single color or all white institutional sheets save time during laundering as they don't have to be separated by color.
  • Buying sheets in bulk allows for less frequent washing as it allows more time between full loads.
  • Buy sheets with color-coded hems or labels to make linen sorting easy after washing. (e.g. red for full beds, blue for queen beds, green for king beds).

Wholesale Bed Sheets for Your Guests

Host & Home is your one-stop shop for the proper bed sheets for your guests. Whether you have a guest room in your home, a rental property, or a hotel, you can choose from affordable, comfortable quality sheets and sheets sets. Assure all your guests a relaxing stay with the perfect bed sheets for your space and budget. Whatever you choose from Host & Home, your guests will thank you.