The Perfect Sheets for Hosting

The Perfect Sheets for Hosting

Opening a bed & breakfast, taking pride in a boutique hotel or motel, or investing in a vacation rental are all opportunities for you to provide guests with a great experience while they stay in your town. They'll take home the memories they make, and with that, guests consider the quality of accommodation where they stayed.  Perhaps the most beneficial place to make a good impression on your guests is where they rest their heads at night. The best sheets for vacation rentals make a good night's rest that much better. At Host & Home, we offer two luxurious sheet options that will make a lasting impression on you and your guests.

The Best Sheets For Vacation Rental

Aston and Arden Sateen Sheets

Aston and Arden cotton sateen sheets are 600 thread count. These sheet sets come in twin, full, queen, king, and even California king sizes. Each set of sheets comes in a crisp white color with your choice of tri-tone embroidered Baratta hem available in various colors. This array of color choices will allow you to find one that fits perfectly into any color scheme. Each set has a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. 

Cotton sateen is naturally wrinkle-resistant, which can give your bedrooms a more formal aesthetic without needing to take the time to press your sheets. Aston and Arden sateen sheets are created in an Oeko-Tex STeP-certified facility, which means the sheet sets are made free from harmful chemicals. These ethically sourced and high-quality sateen sheets are perfect for any place you plan on hosting guests. 

T1000 Sheet Set Assortment

We offer luxury 1000 thread count bed sheet sets at a discount price since these sheets come in an assortment with no guaranteed colors. These sheets are a blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. Full, queen and king sizes are available in several assorted popular color choices including lilac, blue, mint, and beige. These sheets can conveniently be purchased in a bulk set of four to save you money.

A cotton-poly blend sheet set will look smooth and neat without much work. These blended sheets are perfect anywhere you host, and even in your own home. 

Thread Count

Thread count is one of the main determining factors in the feel of a sheet. Lower thread counts lead to stiffer, thinner, and rougher sheets while higher thread counts create softness and durability. 

Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric, creating a tighter woven sheet. There are some brands out there that sacrifice quality of a fabric by increasing the thread count by splitting the yarns, resulting in weaker sheets and ultimately don’t offer the luxury and softness that you may want. At Host & Home, we don’t sacrifice quality for numbers. Our luxury sheets are high quality, meeting our rigorous standards, and we don’t offer options that split threads simply for labeling purposes. We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of the brands that we offer.

A higher thread count creates a softer feeling sheet that is comfortable to sleep on. It also reduces the risk that the fabric will pill over time, and allows for more washing and wear and tear.

Sateen vs. Cotton Poly Blend

When choosing the perfect luxury sheet set for your hosting needs, you will need to know the difference between sateen sheets and a cotton poly blend. 

Sateen sheets are most typically a rayon, silk, cotton, or nylon. At Host & Home, our sateen sheets are made of fine cotton, woven to perfection. The sateen fabric is made using a satin weave form. Sateen uses an alternative weaving patten to lock fibers in place. The result looks and feels luxurious, while also being durable enough to last through many uses and washes.

Each blend of cotton and polyester can come in different percentages. A cotton polyester blend gives the feel of cotton while the polyester helps to keep the sheets ultra-smooth with no need to iron. With a lower price tag typically than 100% cotton. They are easy to care for and are great for hosting.

If you are a hotel owner, a cotton polyester blend may be more suitable for your business. Bed and breakfast owners may choose sateen for that more home-like feel. 

Luxury Wholesale Sheets

There are several benefits to purchasing bulk wholesale sheets and bedding for hosts. When you purchase wholesale, you can save money over time while having plenty of supplies on hand for your guests, with plenty of backups when sheets need changing. 

The right type of sheets can make your business one that customers want to come back to. At Host and Home, we have a variety of sheet styles and colors for you to choose from. Take a look through our inventory today, and make hosting that much easier by purchasing at wholesale prices.