Top 5 kitchen must-haves for your vacation rental

Top 5 kitchen must-haves for your vacation rental

Here are the Top 5 Kitchen Must-Haves for your Vacation Rental


Providing an apron for your guests is a thoughtful gesture. It shows that you are considerate of their clothing and time. Providing kitchen utensils and other supplies in your rental allows guests to cook for family or friends and save money while enjoying their company. We offer several types of aprons at Host & Home. Abib apron with adjustable ties provides the most coverage for home chefs.

  1. Various Kitchen Towels Cleaning Supplies

Owners of short-term rentals should consider providing cleaning supplies to their tenants. Guests should have access to kitchen towels, dishcloths, and wiping rags at the bare minimum.

Quality kitchen towels and dishcloths should be absorbent and easy to clean. Our 100% cotton kitchen towels are absorbent, decorative, and functional. Choose from popular styles and themes from our collection. You'll find colorful patterns, stripes, and solids for traditional family kitchens and sophisticated culinary styles like our white single-stripe herringbone kitchen towels and barmops used by professional chefs in 5-star restaurants.

Don't forget Microfiber cloths! They are durable, antibacterial, and long-lasting. Choose mesh-backed dishcloths and make quick work of dirty dishes so guests can have fun with other activities, and stock up on Smartrags dispenser boxes for quick clean-ups in every room with seven colors to choose from.

  1. Pot Holders

Safety first in the kitchen! Some business owners think they can save money by substituting additional kitchen towels for pot holders. However, kitchen towels don't provide the same insulating qualities as a pot holder. Kitchen towels are versatile, but wet towels conduct heat and can cause steam burns if used to move hot pots and pans. They can also serve as trivets to protect counters and tables from hot pots and pans. Make sure your guests don't get burned with a supply of pot holders.


  1. Tablecloth and Napkins

The linens and textiles you include in your rental send a message to your guests. You can provide the feel of luxury with high-quality linens, but you can also send the wrong message with low-grade materials. Focus on striking a balance between quality and affordability.

Machine washable polyester tablecloths and napkins are a nice touch for guests and a time saver for cleaning crews. Protect furniture from spills and stains, and be ready for your next guests on time.

  1. Kitchen Rugs

A good quality kitchen rug can brighten up a space, keep the floor neat, and convey personality, just like charming kitchen towels, tablecloths, and napkins. Host & Home offers wholesale kitchen rugs in various colors, patterns, and styles for a touch of comfort in your vacation rental. Durable and machine washable, these rugs stand up to several washes without showing wear and tear.

Shop for Discount Kitchen Supplies

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